What Examples of citizenship education do you remember from your K-12 schooling?

Throughout my time in school I remember quite a few examples of citizenship education. In some of the younger years we would have a day every year when we would go out into the community and clean up the community. We would do things such as Jump Rope For Heart and the Terry Fox run. We would have pot lucks and fundraisers in the school and the community for certain things around the community such as for the pool, the rec. centre, or hospitals. In high school we would be in charge of collecting volunteer hours. We had to collect quite a few in grade 10, 11, and 12 physical education class. I think that this was such a great idea because everyone should take some time to volunteer and if they did not have these volunteer hours I do not think many people would take the time to help the community by volunteering.

What types of citizenship were the focus?

In “What Kind of Citizen? The Politics of Educating for Democracy” Joel Westheimer and Joseph Kahne discuss three types of citizens. These include the personally responsible citizen, the participatory citizen, and the justice orientated citizen. Collecting the garbage around the community is an example of “personally responsible citizen”. Having the different fundraisers at school as well as the grade 10-12 volunteer hours are examples of “personally responsible citizen” as well.

Explore what this curriculum made (im)possible in regards to citizenship.

The curriculum indirectly addresses citizenship in a few ways. In History class citizenship was brought up a little but its centre focus was more on colonialism. On another note, often the curriculum will mention things about exploring yourself. This could lead to students realizing who they are in relation to citizenship; it could also bring them to realize how society views citizenship.


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