Curriculum Theory and Practice

  • The ways in which you may have experience the Tyler rationale in your own schooling; 

I feel as though most of my school experiences followed many things that the Tyler rationale highlighted. I noticed that the core classes were much more or a priority than the arts and even physical education. Core classes such as maths, sciences and English. I do see that in the way that my school experience was that every unit and outcome that we followed there was a distinct end goal that we were to achieve. We had the assessments such as a test or a major project or evaluate and assess our progress. a curriculum is a particular form of specification about the practice of teaching. It is not a package of materials or a syllabus of ground to be covered. ‘It is a way of translating any educational idea into a hypothesis testable in practice. It invites critical testing rather than acceptance’

  • What are the major limitations of the Tyler rationale/what does it make impossible; 

I have found a couple limitations to the Tyler rationale. The one that really stands out to me is the evaluations and assessments. Not all students are comfortable or confident in writing tests. Personally, for me I would have excelled even more in school if I had an alternative to just writing standard tests. This system is not for everyone. Another limitation is that the curriculum is not “value neutral’ which it was stated that it was. Provided a scientific model to curriculum development. A rational, orderly, and systematic process that is “value neutral,” and, therefore, can be implemented across all subjects.

  • What are some potential benefits/what is made possible? Be sure to refer to the assigned article in your post; you may also include information from lecture if you wish.

            One benefit, although it can also fall under a limitation, is that there is set goals. The benefit to the set goals is that student have something to achieve for and it makes there work meaningful. Personally, I find that I do better on assignments and projects if I can see a main outcome or goal that it will be taking me to. For example, students would want to do good on their exams so they can get into university to help them get a goal that they are striving for. The other achievements are giving them motivation. With the clear curriculum plan teachers are able to know exactly what they are to be teaching and what the goals should be. 


2 thoughts on “Curriculum Theory and Practice”

  1. Hey Karlee!
    Great insight on the reading and love the connection story to your personal life. I also agree that the main focus in the schooling system are the core subjects such math, English, ect. Your absolutely right that test aren’t a great way to value students and it may not be everyone’s strong point. When I was in high school we had an option of doing a final project or a final test for my science class but you had to justify why you were better at a written exam or a project. Yes every student has a goal set for themselves which will lead them to benefit themselves or apply for future schools/careers. Maybe the evaluation could be different then standardized test. If more rules were acceptable for testing could be changed to fit certain students learning ability possibly there would be a drastic upgrade in marks. Thanks for a good read!


  2. I completely agree with you saying that it is not value-neutral, our curriculum is benefited towards test takers and people who are more mathematically inclined, rather than people who are more artistically minded or better working by doing. I think you should go into more of Tyler’s point of view with his view on efficiency and critique on why his point of view as well. I really liked how you structured this blog with the questions then dove deeper into the issue and explain it. Thank you>


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