Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori is a theorist that I heavily look up to. As a woman she has accomplished some unbelievable things in her time such as becoming a female doctor in the 80s. I found that quite a few of my ideas about education relate to hers.

“Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life” -Maria Montessori

To me this quote is saying that a teacher can teach many different things in a matter of a school year but a child has to be able to open themselves up to learn and absorb the content that is being taught. She also believes that it is up to the educator to make sure that the materials and the education is helping the child open up to learn and absorb the content so that they can learn.

Maria Montessori mentions the “absorbent mind” stage when children develop a mental burst of growth. I think that this stage is important for teachers to know not only are people life long learners but important life skills need to be present when the mind is open and absorbing. I also enjoy how Maria is focused on children with varying abilities because that is something that I am passionate about. there are two things that I disagree about Maria Montessori and that is she considers children with a low economic class to be “unable” which is extremely not true. Another thing that I would disagree with is many of the “Montessori activities” are end goal driven to where there is only one right way to do something. I think that it is important to have many ways to meet an end goal because children all learn different and achieve goals in different ways.


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