Are you a “good” student?

Through common sense a “good” student is someone who is able to sit down through a lecture or lesson and take in the content that is being taught. A “good” student is someone who will talk when the teacher ask them and not any other time. They will be happy to be at school but be content and follow all of the instruction. They are willing to learn and will walk quietly down the hall ways as well as being exactly how every other student should be with minimal individuality.

The students that are considered the “good” students are privileged by it. the students that are white and wealthy. students who are able to follow the good student definition and are sitting there ready to listen. A student who has trouble sitting down or cannot stay quiet when walking or sitting in their desk would not be privileged by it. when taking exams into consideration the students that were able to do well and pass the exams were more privileged than the students who would not do so well.

The way all students learn for example having a student who does not do good on exams may be a brilliant student and the student that is doing perfect on all the exams may just be getting good marks because they are able to memorize things better than other students. Us as teachers need to take into consideration that students all learn differently and have to learn to be flexible in our teaching practices, assessments as well as our own definition of the “good” student.


1 thought on “Are you a “good” student?”

  1. Hi Karlee, you did a very good summary of what commonsensical ideas are in the classroom and what kind of student is considered “good.” I would like to see more of what this “good” student view says to students who do not fit this status quo! Overall great blog post that was well laid out and organized


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