Curriculum as a Public Policy

Before the Reading

Originally I assumed that the school curriculum was developed by the government and the school board members. They go off of what they believe that they know exactly what all students need across Saskatchewan. I believe that they sit around and are each assigned a subject and grade that they are experts in and decide the essentials for students to learn. I do believe that the school board would have the most say because they are the ones experiencing it first hand.

After the Reading

After reading this article I now learned how much politics is involved in creating the curriculum. Along with politics there are many steps that need to be followed. One thing I did not know before was all of the people to have a say in the curriculum such as text book companies, members of the community and church, businesses and many more. I found this quite interesting. It is crucial to have a wide range of opinions when it comes to the curriculum so the students are getting many different views than just one bias view. They all work together to collect data to find out what works and does not work in the curriculum.

Although they have many different inputs coming into the curriculum the ones that I see that should be values the most are the teaches and the school board because they are the ones that see the out comes first hand. They are the ones who would know what made the students successful and what did not work. It is important to have the ones who are living it everyday and are affected by it the most to have to most opinion.


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